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    I used Law offices of Nizam Hashmi for my commercial and business dispute, and civil litigation matter. Nizam Hashmi is the most friendly and knowledgeable lawyer among the lawyers I have ever had met so far. He has been very cooperative, an excellent listener, prompt communicator; he updated me about the progress of the work regularly and promptly, which was certainly a very unique quality of his legal work. Nizam’s legal fees were very reasonable, and transparent, I did not experience any surprise in fees and cost. I truly and sincerely wish him very well for the future. I will certainly recommend him to my family and friends.

    Mike Cole

    Business and commercial law and litigation client

    Life has ups and downs, but when it comes to helping family matters in difficult situations you must need a sincere, honest advice and I m very lucky I met with Nizam Hashmi, he understood and listened all my situations and see in detail all my concerns throughout my case and get the best result out of it. I gratefully thank Nizam for his professional efforts, achievement in my case. Also, I strongly recommend all of my friends in future. Thanks, Nizam, once again.

    Iftikhar Ahmed

    Family law and Canada Immigration Client

    Nizam Hashmi is extremely good at his job. He really goes the extra mile, puts in all his time and energy to make sure he understands and gives the best possible advice to each unique situation. He made me feel comfortable and supported in the most difficult and stressful times because it is obvious that he truly cares. I have and will continue to recommend him whenever someone is in need of legal assistance. Thank you again for all your help!

    Jaskaran Singh Deol

    May 7, 2018

    Family law and court litigation client

    Nizam Hashmi Law Office was very responsive to my enquiries from time to time, they promptly communicated with me on a regular basis. I got the impression that Nizam knew his area of practice very well. I used Nizam for my debt recovery, property litigation, and business dispute matter. Nizam discussed and made me aware of the nature of the service, future plan of action, and likely costs prior to taking any action, which was very satisfying to me. I truly had an excellent experience with Nizam and his law office. All the best to this law firm! Highly recommendable for sure!

    Alex Jones

    October 11, 2018

    Debt Recovery, property and business litigation

    For my real estate litigation matter, I used Nizam Hashmi law office’s service. The other party did not want to comply with the agreement; eventually, the matter went to court litigation. Nizam is very knowledgable of his work, he understands legal issues pretty well. He gave me an idea of costs every time he took actions. I am highly satisfied with his work. I will certainly recommend Nizam Hashmi law office to my family and friends, no doubt. Wishing him all the best for the future!

    John Bailey

    February 15, 2019

    Real Estate Litigation Client

    I used Nizam’s services for the sale of my property. Even though I came to him with only 15 days till closing, he still took me on and was very prompt in responding to me. Nizam is very knowledgeable in his field and really fights for his clients’ needs. He was always friendly and gave great advice. He always kept me in the loop through email or phone call. The legal fees were reasonable and there were no hidden costs, he explained everything clearly. I would highly recommend him for any of your legal matters and I, myself, will be coming back once I purchase my new place. Thanks Nizam for all your hard work and patience in dealing with my unexpected situation. Look forward to working with you again.

    Darryl DeSouza
    Date of Posting: November 25, 2017
    Real Estate Property Litigation Client


    We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to Mr Nizam Hashmi for the efficient and professional service he provided in handling our spousal sponsorship to Canada. He was very prompt in responding to any questions we had, and dealt with our matter with the utmost urgency, providing guidance and reassurance along the way. We were impressed at how quickly the whole process took! We would highly recommend Mr Nizam Hashmi to our family, friends and anyone else who may be in need of his services!


    Posted by: Amina Ali and Rishaad Mohammad 
    Date of posting: March 30, 2017
    Canada Immigration Client

    We received a letter from the Ontario Ministry of Labor, because of a complaint filed by a previous corporate consultant as well as a Small Claims Court Case filed against the company in August 2016. We found Nizam and consulted him about these two issues. Nizam is a very responsible, responsive and efficient professional. Every time we consulted him he is always able to point out the right directions from analyzing a large amount of information. At the end, the Ministry of Labor accepted our defense and the Small Claims Court case was settled successfully. Nizam has comprehensive legal knowledge in many areas including corporate and employment law. He is always there to provide his professional advice whenever we need him. Furthermore, his service fees are reasonable. We are happy with his service and will definitely use again if needed in the future.

    Date of Posting: 06 February 2017
    Posted By: Dr. Daniel Chen
    Company president, Toronto

    Mr. Hashmi is by far, hands down the most honest attorney with unparalleled integrity. His kindness and willingness to help someone cannot be matched. I have hired Mr.Hashmi for multiple matters and will continue to do so each time I am in need of legal representation. He has always gone far above and beyond to ensure that whatever matter he is working on is resolved in a timely manner and to my satisfaction and benefit. Words cannot quite capture how great, professional, kind, understanding and helpful Mr.Hashmi is.
    I will continue to reach out to Mr. Hashmi and will recommend his services to everyone I know because I am convinced that one can rest assured that Mr. Hashmi will get the job done superbly and with honesty.
    Mr. Hashmi is deserving of the highest level of honour there is for not treating legal matters as mere business transactions, but for actually truly helping a person in need and doing so with authenticity and integrity.
    Thank you Mr. Hashmi, for always being so great to me and my family and for being such a pleasure to deal with. You are great beyond words.All the very best and much success in the future.


    Simone Tronciu
    Date of Posting: 19 March 2014
    Posted By: Simone Tronciu
    Mississauga, Ontario


    Law offices of Nizam Hashmi has been very professional, caring, and helpful.

    Nizam acted as my lawyer for my family law matter. Nizam has been very an excellent professional, great listener; he understood my objective very well. He was very prompt in communicating with me and returning my calls. His law office always accommodated my appointment as per my convenience, even in weekend and after business hours which was very helpful to me to manage my working hours. It is worth spending your money on legal costs when you have such an excellent lawyer like Nizam. I wish Nizam Hashmi all the best for his future. I certainly recommend his legal service to my family and friends, no doubt.


    Date of Posting: 24 November 2016
    Posted By: Jennifer Lawrence
    Family law client, Toronto

    Nizam Hashmi is the best ethical lawyer I have ever worked with. His years of experience in Family and Real Estate matter enable him to provide thorough and sensible advice to clients. He is very knowledgeable in his field and always at the top of his game. He listened carefully to my questions and comments and he responded quickly and clearly with analysis and advice aimed directly at the issue. He gave me honest assessment of our chances of success specially on critical issues. I trusted Nizam from the start of my case because I believed in his professionalism and his capability to provide effective legal strategy leading to positive results. He has also great compassion for his clients. I’m pleased with the outcome of my case. I’m glad I hired Nizam as my lawyer. I would highly recommend Nizam to all possible clients without hesitation. Thank you Nizam and best regards!


    Date of Posting: 18 January 2016
    Posted By: Evelyn Faustino
    Family Law and Real Estate Client, Toronto

    It’s my pleasure to speak about my experience with Nizam as my lawyer.I found Nizam to be thorough and dedicated in the closing of the sale of our condo and also a very short closing on the purchase of our new town home. By no means was this process straightforward, it was a very tedious and lengthy and took an incredible amount of time that Nizam took it upon himself, to work after hours, in order to complete the closings on time. His warm demeanour made the process much more comfortable than it actually was. I had previously closed a sale with another lawyer 2 yrs prior; who I thought was very robotic in her delivery and made us feel as though we were taking up too much of her time. Not the case with Nizam, his sunny disposition made the difference in what was a very stressful process.Nizam responded promptly to my calls and emails, personally, which is very rare occurrence with lawyers. He accommodated our schedules and stayed late into the evening until the paperwork was completed. His unwavering dedication to his clients is uncanning and was definitely instrumental in getting the closing completed and resolving the issues surrounding it. If you are looking for a lawyer that provides high caliber service; a warm demeanor and a friendly disposition, I strongly recommend Nizam as your counsel. I know I will be returning to him for any legal matters.


    Date of Posting: 25 October 2015
    Posted By: Althea Edwards
    Real Estate Client, Mississauga, Ontario

    Making the decision to seperate from one’s spouse is a life changing decision. There are so many factors to consider, so many people involved such as; children, extended family, your career, financial situation. I reached out to Nizam to ask some questions before starting the process of obatining a seperation agreement and he was extremely friendly and so helpful. He answered every question I had and provided very useful advice. He was also extremely patient as I worked through the challenges of trying to gather information for the agreement, while at the same time, continuing to juggle the huge demands of work and family life.


    Date of Posting: 27 August 2015
    Posted By: Anna D’Amato, Family Law Client
    Family Law Client 

    I used Nizam Hashmi Law Office for my family law and Canada immigration law matter. I am very happy that I met Nizam. The outcome of my matter was better than I initially thought. The whole process came to end sooner than I expected. I am very happy with the outcome of my matter.

    Nizam was extremely helpful and flexible in his fee and appointment time. He scheduled my appointment after regular business hours and even weekend according to my convenience. His legal fee was very reasonable compared to other lawyers I knew. Nizam was very detailed and a good listener. He eased my stress and pain by his good advices and regularly listenting to me, I specially thank him for it! He was great in communication with me, as he regularly updated me about the progress of work and returned my calls promptly. I will certainly refer his service to other people. I wish him all the best.


    Date of Posting: 21 February 2015
    Posted By: Bonny Theepan
    Family & Immigration law client, Toronto, Ontario

    We used the services of the Law offices of Nizam for the closing of our residential property in Mississauga. Ours was a complicated case since we are now living outside of Canada and hence our sale had to be in compliance with CRA’s prescribed steps for non-resident vendors. Nizam is very diligent and his personal involvement throughout kept things in order. He stayed on top of the progress of the case, updated us on regular basis and followed-up with others as required.


    In brief, we had a great experience with the Law Offices of Nizam Hashmi and have no reservation in recommending them.


    Thanks Nizam once again for looking after our interests. It was a long journey but all ended well and that’s what matters. Thanks again and look forward to working with you in the future.


    Date of Posting: 17 January 2015
    Posted By: Zain Ali
    Real Estate Client, Mississauga, Ontario

    I used Nizam Hashmi Law Office legal service for civil litigation matter. Nizam is very friendly, sincere, and knowledgeable, he knows his area of law very well. Nizam represented me very strongly for my court matter. Also, he acted very competently in dealing matters outside court. My matter was stressful, involved lots of complicated legal issues. Nizam stood by me very firmly all through the process, and he helped me to overcome very stressful time. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case. I will certainly recommend Nizam Hashmi Law Office for legal service without any hesitation.


    Date of Posting: 21 February 2015
    Posted By: Gary Thomas
    Civil litigation client, Toronto, Ontario

    While dealing with our property purchase, Mr. Hashmi made us feel that we were in safe hands and he was working in our interest, and not rushing to complete the transaction for the sake of it. He been very transparent and diligent, and handled the entire process very professionally. There were couple of issues with the status of the property, which I guess might have been overlooked by others. However, Mr. Hashmi identified those issues and ensured that they were resolved prior to closing, even though the closing date was very aggressive (~15 days). Overall, we were very satisfied with his service and would highly recommend the same to others.


    Date of Posting: 23 April 2015
    Posted By: Sanjiv C.
    Real Estate Client, Toronto, Canada

    I used Nizam Hashmi for my family law matter. Nizam is an excellent family lawyer and he is very knowledgeable and very detailed in his work. He was very prompt in communicating with me, he regularly updated me on my matter. He is an honest and friendly person with lots of patience. He listened to me properly, understood my concerns, and helped me regularly to relieve my stresses whenever it was needed. I also felt that his fee was reasonable to other lawyers I used. My family matter had a lot of very complicated issues. Nizam represented me extremely well and in a very competent way in the whole process. I was very happy with the outcome of my family law matter. I am glad that I met Nizam and used his service for my family matter. I will definitely recommend his service. I wish him all the best for the future.


    Date of Posting: 30 October 2014
    Posted By: JEFF R
    Family Law Client, Mississauga, Ontario

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    We are the efficient attorney for family and divorce, civil litigation, debt, and mortgage collection, enforcement and litigation, property litigation, business, corporate and commercial law and litigation, real estate (residential and commercial) law and litigation, and Immigration and refugee law. We have national and international legal experiences, which help us to serve our clients effectively. We understand the importance of saving legal costs and working with client’s financial budget. We fully empathize to our client’s feeling, concern, and stress for a legal matter. We aim to provide prompt, sincere, and cost-effective service and legal representation. We have been serving the community with utmost honesty and respect.

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    Nizam Hashmi law office was excellent, very professional, friendly law firm. I used Nizam Hashmi's legal service for my business and commercial litigation matter as well as real estate matter. Nizam was extremely transparent in explaining every step, his fees and cost, very prompt in responding my emails and phone calls. I was very satisfied the way this matter was finalized. I will certainly recommend Nizam hashmi and his law firm to my family and friends.

    Simon McKay Avatar
    Simon McKay

    Mr. Hashmi is an excellent, diligent lawyer. He handled our property sell with due care and professionalism. He made us feel that we were in safe hands and he was working in our best interest, and not rushing to complete the transaction for the sake of it. He been transparent and diligent, and handled the entire process very professionally. He proactively kept us informed in every step of the way. Mr. Hashmi identified couple of critical issues with the property and ensured that they were all resolved prior to closing.

    Overall, we were extremely satisfied with his service and would highly recommend the same to others.

    Mohib Rashid Avatar
    Mohib Rashid

    Very experienced and understanding lawyer. Amazing quality and the price is fair. Would reccomend 10/10.

    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User

    I have worked with Mr. Hashmi and he was the perfect person I was looking for.

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