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    Civil Law Litigation: Court Trial & Appeal

    Law Offices of Nizam Hashmi > Civil Law Litigation: Court Trial & Appeal

    If you are looking for a lawyer to deal with your civil litigation matter, we can assist you in pursuing your legal rights. We deal with the civil litigation matter, whether inside or outside of court. We effectively represent clients in court at the various stages of the civil court proceeding such as motion, conference, trial, appeal, etc. Besides, we represent the client outside of court at the various stages of the legal proceeding such as negotiation, mediation, etc.


    We understand our client’s needs and objectives, which have made us successful in serving our clients. Please feel free to read our clients’ testimonial page to review the quality of our legal service. We are very proud to have hundreds of satisfied clients in our business because of the quality of our legal work.


    -Highly professional legal service.
    -Excellent client care service, client satisfaction is one of our guiding principles, which we follow very diligently.
    -High-quality legal work.
    -Experienced and reliable legal service.
    -Low affordable hourly rate.
    -Full transparency in legal service and costs, we would like to be as transparent as possible.
    -Prompt communication.
    -Regular follow-up and communication with clients, it is our policy to keep our clients informed regularly on the progress of the matter and legal work.
    -Weekend and after business hour appointment.
    -Legal service at multiple places in GTA, such as Toronto and Mississauga.


    -Business litigation
    -Commercial litigation
    -Corporate litigation
    -Contractual, partnership and shareholder disputes
    -Breach of contract
    -Breach of fiduciary duties
    -Breach of trust
    -Debtors’ rights and obligation, and remedies
    -Creditors’ remedies
    -Debt collection, enforcement
    -Issues related to a secured and unsecured loan
    -Power of Sale
    -Fraudulent and/or negligent misrepresentation
    -Injunctions and specific performance
    -Mortgage remedies and enforcement
    -Mortgagor’s rights and remedies
    -Mortgagee’s rights and remedies
    -Property or real estate related litigation including lease
    -Mortgage and title dispute
    -Tort/ negligence claims
    -Wrongful dismissal from employment


    In addition to civil litigation, we provide legal service on family law, immigration and refugee law, real estate law, business and corporate law, human rights, wills, attestation and notarization of documents.


    Please bear in mind that when you go to the court for your civil litigation matter, court staff cannot provide you with any legal advice. They are not trained to fill out forms for you. We, the lawyers, are in the best position to advise you about your legal rights and responsibilities. If you intend to retain a lawyer, call us immediately at #647-772-8187, or #905-503-1486, or email us to for scheduling an in-person consultation with us in regards to your matter. All of the information that you would provide to us at the time of consultation is confidential, whether or not you retain our legal service for your matter.


    Parties under disability and parties acting in a representative capacity have to be represented by a lawyer. A party under disability is defined as a minor, or a person who is mentally incapable within the meaning of the Substitution Decisions Act, 1992 whether he or she has a guardian or not, or an absentee within the meaning of the Absentee Act.


    A Corporation must be represented by a lawyer unless the court allows otherwise. Any other party to a proceeding can either represent them or be represented by a lawyer.



    If you need assistance for your civil litigation lawyer, please feel free to contact us in confidence at toll-free #1-844-642-7464, #905-503-1486, or #647-772-8187, or submit your enquiry to our Consultation Request Form. You may email us to for scheduling an in-person consultation with us for your matter. We will try our best to respond to your inquiry within 48 hours or at any time at your convenience after we receive your inquiry.


    Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in our legal service.


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