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Family Law, Divorce and Litigation

Law Offices of Nizam Hashmi > Family Law, Divorce and Litigation

We handle all kinds of family law issues, including custody, access, child support, spousal support, and property division matters.We deal with all kinds of family litigation matter, whether inside or outside of court. We effectively represent clients in court at any stage of the family court proceeding such as motion, conference, trial, appeal, etc. We also represent client outside of court at the stages such as negotiation, mediation, etc.

Call: Toll Free # 1-844-642-7464; or #647-772-8187; or #905-503-1486

We understand the emotional stress of family law matters and handle your matter with sensitivity and caring. We can bring successful and fair resolution to family law cases.

We deal with all aspects of family law matters, including the following:

Child Access and Custody
Child Support, present, past/ retrospective, future/ prospective support, basic and special and extra ordinary support and expenses
Child Protection Proceedings
Cohabitation Contracts
Spousal Support, present, past, future, retrospective and prospective support claim and defence
Division of Property between married spouse
Division of Property between common-law spouse
Divorce, contested divorce and uncontested divorce
Exclusive Possession – Contents of the Matrimonial home
Exclusive Possession – Matrimonial home
Marriage Contract /Agreement
Paternity Related Matter
Pre–nuptial Agreements
Property Division and Equalization
Sale of Family Property
Separation Agreement

We will appear for you at all stages of your family law matter, settlement discussion, negotiation, mediation, conference, motion, and trial.

We understand our client’s needs and objectives, which have made us successful in serving our clients. Please check our clients’ testimonial section to verify the quality of our legal service. We are very proud to have hundreds of satisfied clients in our business because of the quality of our legal work.

If you need assistance from a family lawyer, you may call us at in confidence at Toll Free #1-844-642-7464, #905-503-1486, or #647-772-8187, or submit our Online Consultation Request Form. You may send us an email to for scheduling an in person consultation with us for your matter. We will try to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours or any time at your convenience after we receive your inquiry.

Thank you for your time and interest with us.

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