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Important things to consider

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Civil litigation could be complicated and require legal expertise.  We can assist you for your civil litigation matter by guiding you through various processes, which would be best for your matter. You need to consider few important things before start civil proceeding at court:


Civil litigation could be very expensive. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you consider negotiation with other party, if possible, before you start formal court proceedings. We assist our client through the various steps of negotiation to save their time and money.

Before you start a claim in court, we can advise you and you might consider whether it would help to talk to the other party or send a letter to the other party to let that person know what you are seeking and why you feel they should do or pay what you want. Please note that negotiation also means that you may need to consider a compromise for your matter. Think also about the possibility that you might lose the court case and be ordered to pay the other party’s costs. If the negotiation is successful, then you may be able to settle your dispute with the other party to avoid the time and expense of going to court.

If you need more information, call us at 647-772-8187 or fill out and submit Free Online Consultation Request Form and we will contact you as soon as possible after you have submitted the Form.


Another thing to consider before deciding to start a lawsuit is whom you want to sue. Some of the things you may want to think about include:

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