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Commercial Real Estate

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If you need to close your real estate transaction in next few months, take the advantage of our exciting price deal for residential real estate transaction now!.


For regular residential real estate purchase transaction: $1,075.00 which includes legal fees for purchasers, the cost for one mortgage, photocopy, bank charges, phone, fax, email, necessary meeting with clients. In addition, you pay necessary third parties costs such as title search and writ search, registration costs, and title insurance costs, cost for tax certificate, and HST.


For regular residential real estate sale transaction: $750.00 which includes the cost of acting for vendors, discharge of one mortgage, costs for photocopy, phone, fax, bank charges, email, necessary meeting with clients. In addition, you pay the cost for transaction levy (appx. $65.00), which is mandatory cost plus HST.


We will obtain for you up to $2,000.00 Ontario and $ 3675.00 City of Toronto Land Transfer Tax Rebate instantly if you are a first time home buyer.


We accept Urgent Closings at no extra charge. We take care all of your Real Estate Closings and keep you happy.


We understand our client’s needs and objectives, which have made us successful in serving our clients.Please check our clients’ testimonial section to verify the quality of our legal service. We are very proud to have hundreds of satisfied clients in our business because of the quality of our legal work.


-Highly Professional Legal Service
-Excellent Client Care Service, client satisfaction is one of our guiding principles, which we follow very diligently.
-High-Quality Legal Work
-Experienced and Reliable Legal Service
-Low Affordable Hourly Rate
-Full Transparency in Legal Service and Costs, we would like to be as transparent as possible
-Prompt Communication
-Regular Follow-Up and Communication with Clients, it is our policy to keep our clients informed on regular basis on the progress of the matter and legal work
-Weekend and After Business Hour Appointment
-Provide Legal Service at Multiple Places in GTA, such as Toronto and Mississauga


-Remortgage transaction
-Transfer and registration of title
-Real Estate Litigation


We also provide legal service on Family law, Civil Litigation Law, Commercial Real Estate law, Immigration & refugee Law, Business and Corporate Law, Human Rights, Wills, Attestation and Notarization of Documents.


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