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Law Offices of Nizam Hashmi > WHAT IS A CIVIL CASE

A civil case is a lawsuit that usually deals with contracts and/or torts. Generally speaking, tort are wrongful (negligent) acts that result in damage or injury to person and property.

Civil cases can occur by way of action or application. You must bring your case as an action, unless a statute or the Rules of Civil Procedure provide that you should bring your case as an application.

Any claims valued at $25,000 or less can be heard in the Small Claims Court, which has its own procedures and rules. It is generally considered simpler and less expensive to bring a claim in the Small Claims Court than in the Superior Court of Justice. If your claim valued more than $25,000, it will be heard in Superior Court of Justice. Also, claims valued up to $100,000 fall under Simplified procedure, the process expedite your claim procedure faster than the regular procedure.

Cases involving some areas of law are dealt with by specialized bodies or are governed by specialized procedures, for example,

Family law (divorce, child custody and access, support)
Wills, estates and trusts
Disputes about a lawyer’s bill
Complaints about a judge
Complaints about a lawyer
Complaints about a private bailiff
Landlord and tenant matters.

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